Terms and Conditions of Sale

Velilla Confección Industrial S.A. Velilla Confección industrial S.A. makes available for its customers the online sale service through our web site www.veillaconfeccion.com.
The sale conditions regulating this web transactions are listed below.

For any inquiry regarding it, you may contact our Customer Support Department at +34 91 669 96 25.


  • Velilla Confección Industrial S.A.
  • Calle Juan de la Cierva 19, 28823 Coslada (Madrid)
  • Registers in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid Volume 823 Section 3a Folio 60 and Sheet No 67337
  • TAX ID No A78058302

When you place an order, you declare being older than 18 and legally competent to execute the purchase of the products in the web www.velillaconfeccion.com

All products purchased through our web will comply with all the quality and guaranty requirements of Velilla Confección Industrial S.A. and you will receive your order duly packaged and labeled with all the information of it.

Velilla Confección Industrial S.A. in its web www.velillaconfeccion.com will try to give an account of all the technical, image and color of all its items accurately, but these will be subject to small variations depending on the screen quality of the device you are using to see our product.

The price indicated in the web www.velillaconfeccion.com will be in euros, VAT excluded and without including extra costs (shipping costs, services etc.)

When you finish placing your order, the VAT amount, according to the Spanish legislation in force at the time of the purchase, will appear. Velilla Confección Industrial S.A. is obliged to charge the customer with the VAT on all the products.

To know all the delivery conditions, see our shipping process.

Web registration

To place an order through our web site you will have to become a client of Velilla Confección Industrial S.A. and will need the company’s authorization in order to use the web platform.
Once you have your access code you will be able to carry out the transactions through our site.


You must select the items desired and add them to your cart through the matrix order of each item.

The cart will include information on the reference of the selected item as well as its size, color choice and price.

Once the order has been completed, and previous to the shipment, the user will be presented with a summary of the order, specifying the item selected, and its total amount including VAT, (in case of cash payment the delivery cost will be indicated / in case of installments payment , the price per package will be notified and the total amount will be invoiced when the order is delivered) with every concept itemized, and the order shipping information so that the user may confirm the order by clicking the button 'Confirm Order'.

Purchases can be paid with debit or credit cards or by means of installments payment. No payment methods other than those specified in these sale conditions will be accepted. For credit/debit card payments, the charge will be made online, that is, in real time, through the payment gateway of the relevant credit entity, once it has been checked that the data provided by the user are correct.

When the transaction has been approved the order number will be communicated to the user so that he/she may track the order status at any time with the computer.

Likewise, a message will be sent to the email address provided by the user with the description of the order and the personal data provided. Failure to receive this message may be due to transient net problems or to a mistake in the spelling of the email address provided. In both cases, Velilla advises the user to contact our Customer Support Department.


The delivery of items bought at Velilla Confección will be carried out through an international courier service and will be delivered within approximately 24 to 48 hours inside the peninsula.

You can also ask for urgent delivery service at the customer’s expense choosing your own delivery agency in our shipment options.
To avoid delivery problems (incorrect addresses, absence from the domicile at the delivery time etc…) it is necessary to fill the corresponding form correctly being advisable to fill the box related to the telephone number.

The delivery cost is estimated according to the shipment method selected and the items purchased. When cash payment is selected, the exact amount will be calculated previous to the order confirmation, clicking the button “Confirm Payment”. When the payment is negotiated the total amount will be calculated at the time of the invoice issue as soon as the order has been shipped.

The shipping costs may be modified at any time without previous warning. Such modification will be applicable from the moment they are included in the help pages and the contract published in our Web site. In any event, those delivery costs at the moment of the order formalization will be valid.

In the event of observing any incidence in the product which may be attributable to Velilla Confección Industrial S.A. you can contact our Customer Support Department to manage the order return in maximum period of 30 days from the order invoice date.

The customer shall communicate the return vial email or by telephone stating:
- Series, color, size and quantity.
- Invoice No.
- Cause of the return.

All the returns with a date inferior to 30 days, not attributable to Velilla Confección Industrial S.A. will require from the authorization of the commercial department.

Once all the information is in our hands, the customer will receive the document of “ return report” which you must send attached to the goods.

No returns will be accepted of modified products (screen printed, embroidered, customized, special, etc…), of used products or outlet products or discontinued products. It will be the client responsibility to verify the items good condition at the reception and before proceeding with customization.

Return costs, except in case of mistake or defective products attributable to Velilla Confección Industrial S.A. will be at the customer’s expense.

The reception of all of the returns will be carried out only at our Warehouse located in:
Calle B Parcela 66
Polígono Industrial Romica C.P. 02006- Albacete
Telephone number: 967.254.251

Once the return process has finished correctly the corresponding refund will be made.


The transaction payment will be form agreed by the client with the Company Velilla Confección Industrial S.A. and in its payment conditions.

The payment conditions agreed with Velilla Confección Industrial S.A. can only be modified by payment by credit or debit card payment : Visa, Visa Electron y American Express.

If you pay by credit/debit card, the amount will be charged after the acceptance of your order clicking “Authorise Payment”, accepting at the time of the economic transaction the payment conditions and confirming the credit card ownership.

Your credit card data and the payment authorization will be checked by your credit entity and in the case of no acceptance of the payment Velilla Confección Industrial S.A. will by no means be held responsible for the delay or no delivery of your order.

All the transactions performed through our web site are carried out using secure payment systems and the confidential data of it will be only transferred directly to the credit entity in an encrypted form.